PC Health Checks

Health checks A computer health check on a desktop or laptop will make sure your machine will run to its optimal performance because health checks are a great way to make sure all software and hardware components are delivering their best performance. During the tests, potential threats or damage that drain your system resources and could escalate in the future will be identified and notified to you.

Computer health check list:


☑ Examine problems that you have identified
☑ Report on other problems that we can identify
☑ Remove unnecessary temporary files
☑ Fix registry issues
☑ Ensure that your system is fully up-to-date with Windows updates
☑ Schedule Windows updates
☑ Scan for and remove any viruses and Malware
☑ Update your anti-virus protection definitions
☑ Operating System Optimization
☑ Check and repair minor hard disk errors
☑ Internal clean of your computer to remove dust