On-Site/Remote IT Support

We provide on-site/remote IT support services to your business.  We can visit your office or home to fix any IT related issues, or we can remotely access your PC from our end to fix any problems. We will make up a virtual setup between your PC and our PC through Internet, and it be like as if we are sitting in front of your PC and actually working on it. Remote access will save your time and cost and you don’t have to wait for our engineer to visit your place. Remote access will help resolving minor issues. On the Other hand we cover wider part of London to provide on-site support. You can see list of areas on our home page where we provide on-site support.

abstract 3d illustration of laptop computer with wrench and screwdriver over dark background

☑ Installing Anti Virus Software to your PC or Laptops

☑ Installing Microsoft Office Package.

☑  Email Setup on Microsoft Outlook.

☑ Removing any suspicious or risky Pop-ups.

☑ Wireless and WiFi Signal boost

☑ Broadband and Internet setup

☑ Disable any unwanted Messages or Programs to your PC or Laptop.

☑ Wireless and WiFi Signal boost

☑ Printer Setup and Enable sharing option.