New PC’s

We can setup your newly bought PC or Laptops. We can also assemble your PC, if the system is bought in pieces, our experts can assemble it for you to bring up with good PC. We can advice you on the product type and which brand you should go for.


☑ Assemble your PC by connecting all the Hardware.

☑ Fresh Windows Installation to your PC and Laptop.

☑ Installation of Drivers(Audio, Video, Mouse, Keyboard and LAN).

☑ Installing Anti Virus and Malware Software’s to your PC and Laptops.

☑ Improving security to deter any hackers to get in to you PC or Laptop.

☑ Removing any suspicious or risky Pop-ups.

☑ Fix Suspicious hard drive activities.

☑ Disable any unwanted Messages or Programs to your PC or Laptop.